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Prison Dad is a Science Fiction Comedy series about a man named Leslie Jame Gumb, the charismatic center of his group of friends. He is supernaturally alluring to women, unemployed, and a thief. The stories in the Prison Dad collection follow Les and his friends as they face a host of abnormal situations: squirrel armies, meeting Sasquatch, time travel, body swapping and more, all taking place in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Enter a world of laggies, ladies, liquor, and law-breaking. Enter the crazy world of Les Gumb.
27 May 2017
This week's podcast is not a sequel:
Why Did They Make That SciFi Sequel: Cash Grabs and Franchise Killers

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Science Fiction franchises are a tricky thing, normally the first one is great, but the sequels just don't compare. As difficult as it is to capture the magic of the first time you see a new world, it doesn't stop Hollywood from trying- and usually failing. Seriously, how many times is Jaws going to harass that family? Indiana Jones and aliens? The Crow was good, but please stop trying to replicate Brandon Lee's heartbreaking performance. Jason, Chucky, Freddie, and other jerks, creatures, and characters who were cooler the first time around, we'll talk about all these cash grabs and franchise killers this week.

Length 56 minutes.
19 May 2017
This week's podcast is about BOOKS:
Horrible Sci-Fi Book/Movie Adaptations

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. It happened, you were browsing the Internet and you saw it, a link to a movie trailer for a book that you loved. You tell your friends how amped you are. Months later, you get them together and find yourself in a dark theater watching the film equivalent of a steaming pile of Bantha crap. Ugh. Join us this week as we take a look at some horrible Sci-fi book-to-movie adaptations from the bizarre nightmare they made of H.G. Wells' "The Island of Dr. Morrow", the hack job they did on the brilliant novel "Hannibal" by Thomas Harris, the creepy mess that Hollywood created from Dr. Seuss' "The Cat In The Hat" and many, many more. There's humor in these horrible adaptations, but also a lot of disrespect for the source material.

Length 46 minutes.
14 May 2017
This week's podcast is old and grizzled:
Logan Review

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. How many of you said, “Really? Another Wolverine movie?” Well if you were one of those people and you skipped this one, you’re totally missing out. So how did the 2nd R Rated movie in the X-Men franchise fare? Pretty damn well. We’ll break down the movie, moments you might have missed, references to other X-related movies and comics, and what’s next for the franchise.

Length 35 minutes.
6 May 2017
Two Updates This Week:
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. I am Groot (first five minutes spoiler free).

Length 32 minutes.
Gaithersburg Book Festival

On May 20th we’re proud to announce that we’ll be at the Gaithersburg Book Festival again. You can find us at the Chessicon table from 12-2. So come say hi to us and talk about things and stuff! We’ll have books and stickers with us. The Gaithersburg Book Festival is located at Gaithersburg City Hall, 31 South Summit Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD 20877.
1 May 2017
Our summer scifi podcast is now live:
2017 Summer Science Fiction Movie Extravaganza

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Sharks! Facehuggers! Cannibals! Spider Man...again? Planning on going to the movies this summer? Check out this podcast where we talk about ALL the science fiction, horror, and fantasy movies coming to a theater near you in Summer, 2017. Will Wonder Woman fix the DC universe? Is Casey Affleck classing up scifi? Will “Valerian” be the best movie of the summer? Also, who isn’t amped to finally see The Dark F*&%king Tower on the big screen?

Length 33 minutes.
21 April 2017
Insert witty catch phrase about this weeks podcast here:
Marvel Movies/TV in 2017 and Beyond

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Disappointed with Iron Fist? Is your chi not centered? Then the only place to go from here is up, up, up and away! No, we're not talking about the Man Of Snores, we're breaking down all of Marvel's upcoming offerings to TV and film this week and talking about what's next for the Agents of SHIELD, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider Man, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and the long awaited Defenders series. So suit up and check out this week's podcast!

Length 38 minutes.
15 April 2017
This week's podcast is a tease:
The Last Jedi Teaser Breakdown

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. The light, the dark, the red sand... wait, what the heck is that stuff!? They’re baaaaaack! Rey! Fin! Poe! LUKE FREAK’N SKYWALKER! Eight months before it’s release, we got our first glorious look at Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Where do all the explosions take place? How big are those walkers? Where is Rose? Who were those guys? (#Dokkenreference). Join us today for our expert insight into this awesome teaser.

Length 41 minutes.
7 April 2017
This week's podcast has been cloned:
Frequently Asked Questions About Star Wars: Part 2

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. In our second installment in our FAQASW series we'll talk about a few remaining questions we have on “A New Hope,” “Return of the Jedi,” “Revenge of the Sith,” and “Rogue One,” but we'll be spending the majority of the time focusing on, ugh, “Attack of the Clones.” Seriously, did anyone even proof the script? We feel like this movie should win an award for “Most Computer Generated Characters in a Non CG Movie!” So many plot holes, such little time. Join us this week to hear our opinions on our questions arising out of these films. We hope to shed some light on questions you've had for a long time or maybe even raise some new ones.

Length 56 minutes.
1 April 2017
This week's podcast is very bad:
Venom! Movies About Bad Guys!

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. If you've been near the Internet this week, you know that it's abuzz over Sony's attempt to create its own MCU. Can an "R" rated Venom movie come out at the same level as Scarface? We'll also discuss bad guy and anti-hero movies (sci-fi and other) and analyze whether the main characters are redeemable. Finally, we'll talk about other bad guy movies that could be made (and probably will be once they hear our podcast). For example, would you watch a movie about a young Voldemort? We would!

Length 56 minutes.
25 March 2017
This week's podcast could set you back a little bit:
Favorite Time Travel Comedies

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. This week we're talking about our favorite silly time travel TV shows and movies. We will chat about the current hit "Making History," old classics like "Back to the Future," and also feature some indie favorites, like "Safety Not Guaranteed." While we don’t have the secrets of time travel to share with you all (because, if we did we would use them to correct many mistakes, including our failure to talk about "The Time Traveling Bong" when we recorded this), we still hope that this week, we’ll inspire you to check out a new adventure or revisit old friends from the past in films and shows.

Length 37 minutes.
18 March 2017
This week's podcast could send you flying:
Jetpacks! In Sci-Fi and IRL

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. The future is now! Kinda...sorta. This week, we'll cover some of our favorite jetpack scenes from Bond, Star Wars, Marvel, and beyond. We'll also talk about real jetpacks- ones that you can actually purchase, if you have, like, $250k to waste. We provide this podcast to you for free, so, clearly, we don't! Over water or land or when hanging out on Bespin, there's no denying that these jetpacks look like a lot of fun- unreasonably dangerous and expensive fun, but still, fun!

Length 35 minutes.
12 March 2017
This week's podcast is very questionable:
Frequently Asked Questions About Star Wars: Part 1

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. It’s a fact that the more you watch something, the more you analyze something, and the more questions can arise. Star Wars is something that always requires more than one viewing, but even after so many screenings, we have plenty of questions. This week, we start the first installment in our "FAQASW" series where we take 13 questions pulled from such aspects as plot points, settings, lore, and character arcs from Episode 1-7 and Rogue One and give you our perspectives.

Length 53 minutes.
7 March 2017
Another con annoucement and another podcast:
We'll be at the Lehigh Valley Itz-A-Con!

The Lehigh Valley's biggest pop culture event returns for year 3! This time we have taken over the entire South Mall in Allentown PA for TWO FULL DAYS! Celebrity and artist guests, cosplayers, vendors and gamers will be appearing all weekend, so make plans now for the Valley's premier pop culture con!

Lehigh Valley Itz-A-Con
South Mall Allentown
3300 Lehigh St
Allentown, Pennsylvania 18103
March 25-26 12-5
Recasted Roles In Science Fiction

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. A new Hulk? A new Dumbledore? Multiple What actors have done the best job of portraying our favorite heroes in science fiction? This week’s podcast focuses on who, what and why some prime roles were recast. What happened when your favorite character got swapsied? You’ll have to listen to find out. Please note, we did not cover James Bond or Dr. Who due to time constraints.

Length 55 minutes.
26 February 2017
Two updates this week hooray!
We'll be at the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show!

Comic book show featuring guests, artist lounge with 20+ artists, Cosplay groups and vendors offering up comics from the golden age to modern, NON-sport cards, Toys, Collectibles and so much more.

Jersey Shore Comic Book Show
Toms River Elks Lodge
600 Washington Street
Toms River NJ 08753
Sunday March 19 10AM
In Appreciation of African American Sci-Fi Characters in Current Films/TV Shows

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. This week on Silly Talks About Science Fiction, we're doing our part to celebrate Black History Month! We're going to talk about our favorite current African American actors and what we love about the characters that they're portraying. Though most of the characters do exist in the MCU, maybe we'll call upon some heroes that you may have forgotten about. So suit up, kick back, and check it out! Sweet Christmas!

Length 44 minutes.
19 February 2017
This weeks podcast asks a very important question:
Who Is Your Daddy, Rey?

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Lately the Internet has been abuzz about one of the biggest questions surrounding The Force Awakens; "who is Rey's father?" Today, we evaluate five potential daddy options and provide our thoughts on the likelihood of each. Do you think she is a Knobi? Skywalker? Solo? Palpatine? Or maybe even a Bridger? We've done our best to make a compelling case for each of these possible parents and covered why the identity of her father matters. Check it out and maybe you can answer the question, who is your daddy, Rey? Also why is everyone on Jakku such a jerk? We think they should call it Jerkku.

Length 44 minutes.
12 February 2017
This weeks podcast doesn't kill all humans:
Westworld Season 2 Theories

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. If you’re a frequent listener to our podcasts, you’d know that we kept talking about how we’ve been slacking on Westworld- but, guess what? WE BINGED THE HECK OUT OF IT! Now we’re ready to share what we know, what we don’t know, and what we still want to know about this intense and outstanding show! We also spend some time pondering how much genitalia we think we’ll see next season in comparison to this one. While you are listening, remember something we always say: what happens when the robots win?

Length 41 minutes.
5 February 2017
Two zombified updates this week:
28 Teeth Later We put another 99 cent story Amazon and if you have kindle unlimited you can read it for free too.

On an ordinary day, in a not so ordinary dentist’s office, Jed Bixler was getting a tooth pulled out. The result wasn't as expected and now the citizens of the Shady Pines Trailer Park are in danger! Follow along as Jed's behavior changes from white trash trailer park resident to full-on hillbilly in a matter of minutes. Soon the infection spreads to his roommate, neighbors, and friends. Now it's up to Prison Dad himself, Leslie Jame Gumb, and his best friend, Sarah Bean, to save not only the trailer park, but the entire Lehigh Valley area, from certain southern fried doom.

Santa Clarita Diet Review

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. We binged this silly, humorous, gorey, gross, and FUN show this weekend- so, now we’re going to talk to you (the listeners) about it! We loved the family aspect of this comedy horror mash up; the great cast - featuring the nerdy neighbor, the jerk cop, the cool, pot smoking cop; and all the awesome cameos. We’ll dig into the guts of this great new series, recapping our favorite moments and spending a decent amount of time with some season 2 speculations. We promise the first six minutes are spoiler free- after that, you’ll get a warning, but then you should know what you’re getting into. Nom nom!!

Length 38 minutes.
29 January 2017
What is thy bidding my podcast:
Favorite Resist and Rebel Movies

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. The dark days are upon us, so what can we do? Resist! Rebel! Two things that are key ingredients in many great science fiction movies. We love a good story about people joining forces to fight against evil, we just never thought we’d actually be living in one! Join us for this week’s podcast, where we share our thoughts on our favorite resistance and rebellion, including V for Vendetta, The Man in High Castle, Logan’s Run, Firefly, and many more. We may not be certain of a lot of things right now, but the one thing we do know is that it’s always okay to punch a Nazi.

Length 48 minutes.
22 January 2017
This week's podcast doesn't have any extra or extended scenes:
Star Wars Deleted Scenes - Original Trilogy Edition

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. If you’re like us, you’ve seen the original trilogy, like, a bazillion times. This podcast focuses on some of the available deleted scenes, and our thoughts on them. We cover the implications of Wampas in the rebel’s base, Bigg’s wearing both a jacket AND a cape, and Luke hearing about the evils of the Empire for the first time- lots of cool stuff. Finally, we’ll discuss how we feel about the deleted scenes in Return of the Jedi might completely change Darth Vader’s role in the Empire and evidence empathy in some imperial officers- huh, maybe some of these dudes can think for themselves?

Length 41 minutes.
15 January 2017
Insert witty line about this weeks podcast here:
Spaceballs V Fanboys

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. This week, we debate these two cult classics. One is a parody, focused mostly on spoofing Star Wars, but a few other franchises are thrown into the mix. The other is an homage to the original Star Wars trilogy and a heist movie at the same time. What’s not to love. Both movies are extremely quotable and blessed with great casts. So go into lightspeed with us as we discuss these two fan favorites.

Length 31 minutes.
5 January 2017
Season 2 of Silly Talks About Science Fiction starts now:
30 Science Fiction Movies Coming Out in 2017

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. We already know that 2017 is going to pack a punch with three new Marvel movies, two new DC movies, two Stephen King movies, and another new Star Wars movie, but what else is coming our way? And how many of these movies take place on the space station- makes you wonder what astronauts think of space station movies, huh? Give us an hour of your time now to fill you in on 30 sci-fi movies coming out this year, so that later you can avoid wasting your time watching crap. Also, check out our new segment titled: "F**k You Zack Snyder." PS. we totally forgot to mention the Lego Batman movie, but we already know this: it's going to be infinitely superior to BvS.

Length 60 minutes.
29 December 2016
Check out our year end review podcast:
2016 Science Fiction Year End Review

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Magic! Mutants! Inhumans! Whatever the hell DC is trying to do! 2016 was an intriguing adventure full of things we thought we’d never see- new science fiction movies and TV shows, books, and important- and often tragic- moments in pop culture and us, being as silly as always! Hey, maybe you missed something? It’s totally possible and we won’t hold it against you… yet. Check out our year end wrap up, where we chat about our favorite and least favorite sci-fi moments from the year 2016! We hope you enjoy our take on all the things and stuff! Happy freggin’ New Year!

Length 63 minutes.
19 December 2016
This week's podcast is going rogue:
Rogue One: Review

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Rogue One is a peek into the dark underbelly of the Rebellion, it’s a dark and gritty look into a different part of the Star Wars universe then we've become used to. Let’s face it, we all know how this is going to end, but that didn’t make this any less exiting! We had a lot of fun making some new friends in the Star Wars universe and saying hi to some old ones- overall, it was a wild ride of a film! So, grab a glass of cold-ish Blue Milk and listen to this week’s podcast, in which we provide an in-depth analysis of the plot, characters, and potential consequences on future stories, and also discuss some things you may have missed and our favorite cameos from some of our Star Wars favorites.

Length 56 minutes.
13 December 2016
Two Updates this week, a 99 cent story and a new podcast:
Squirrelicane 2 We had such a positive response from our story "The Squirrelicane II: The Revenge" at Chessiecon this year that we put it up on Amazon for 99 cents. If you have kindle unlimited you can read it for free too.

"They’re baaack!" Just when you thought that Allentown's evil, mutant, red-eyed, squirrel problem was solved, you better think again. Join Prison Dad himself, Leslie Jame Gumb, and his friends Jed, Sarah, and Franny on their quest to reach Sarah's storm-proof house before they're attacked by rats with fancy tails. Get ready for some cake pops, nail guns, baseball bats, sex, gore, friendship, and much, much more in this 99 cent short story. If you missed the first Squirrelicane, you can find it for free in the free stories section or in Things and Stuff.

One Year Later: The Force Awakens

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Has it been a year already since we met Rey, Poe, and Finn? You betcha! So how did the film hold up after multiple viewings? We'll tackle the critics that said "it's just a remake of A New Hope," the Mary Sue rumblings, the plot holes, the twists, and our personal likes and dislikes. Join us in a galaxy far, far away for an journey back to the stomping grounds of our very first podcast, as we reflect on this film, one year later.

Length 56 minutes.
8 December 2016
This week's podcast is magical:
Fantastic Beasts Review

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. This week, we review the newest cinematic entry into the Harry Potter universe, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! What was silly? What creature was the cutest? What was different? What was referenced from the Potterverse we know and love? Why the hell was Colin Farrell in this movie? How about that cameo? What does the future hold for Porpentina and Newt? Accio Podcast!

Length 30 minutes.
4 December 2016
This week we're bringing you ALL THE UPDATES:
Volume 4 We're happy to annouce that Prison Dad Volume 4 is out now! We had so much fun writing this volume and you can use these links to pick up a copy for yourself:


We updated the events page with lots of new stuff! First off you can find information about the next con we'll be at which is the New Years Eve Party Con in Allentown PA. Will Les be there too? Maybe? No. Next you can find an archive of our presentation we gave at Chessiecon this year titled "How Do We Get To Funny In Star Wars and Star Trek?" The presentation is about an hour long and contains all our slides matched up with the audio. Finally, We added eight new pictures from a bunch of the events we attended in 2016. Enjoy.
Sci-Fi Fall TV Report Card

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. This week we discuss major Fall TV shows that have aired this year and share which ones gave us all the feels and which ones left us cold. We will also admit to which ones still have a backlog on our DVRs and which ones we never got around to watching at all- like Falling Water- whoops! But, of what we did see, there was a lot of awesomeness! Join us, as we talk about Ghost Rider on Shield, Luke Cage cleaning up the streets, dragons, demons, aliens, blood, sex, robots, and more!

Length 68 minutes.