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Prison Dad is a Science Fiction Comedy series about a man named Leslie Jame Gumb, the charismatic center of his group of friends. He is supernaturally alluring to women, unemployed, and a thief. The stories in the Prison Dad collection follow Les and his friends as they face a host of abnormal situations: squirrel armies, meeting Sasquatch, time travel, body swapping and more, all taking place in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Enter a world of laggies, ladies, liquor, and law-breaking. Enter the crazy world of Les Gumb.
10 June 2018
Two podcasts this month? We're on fire!
Annihilation Spoiler Free Review

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. If you are like us, you’ve been to the movies a number of times in the last few months. If you are also like us, on none of those visits did you happen to catch that new Tom Cruise crapfest. And you also probably haven’t seen Annihilation. And that’s a dang shame. We desperately wanted to see Annihilation in the theater, but instead, due to snow storms, illness, and the plethora of other great comic book and Sci-Fi movies we saw instead, we waited until the streaming release of this movie. We thought it was fascinating and visually stunning. If you’re curious about why we felt this way and want to hear more about this Sci-Fi thriller, then check out our spoiler free review!

Length 20 minutes.
3 June 2018
Back from a short break with a podcast and con annoucement!
Why You Should Go See Solo!

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. This week’s episode presents you with our take on why you should go and see the underperforming newest Star Wars spin off, Solo: A Star Wars Story. Is it Star Wars fatigue? Is it over saturation of genre movies (thanks Avengers)? Weather? Lack of Porgs? Or were you secretly hoping someone would invent time travel in order for actual young Harrison Ford to play this role? For some reason, this movie isn’t doing as well as other Star Wars titles, but it deserves a shot (who shot first? That’s right- you know who). We liked it! It was fun! Give our podcast 20 minutes to try to convince you why you should go and see the younger versions of Han, Chewie, and Lando showing off their gambling and piloting skills on the big screen!

Length 21 minutes.
First year we'll be apperating at the IABX!

The Independent Authors Book Expo was established to offer independent and self-published authors an opportunity to showcase their talent and work. The Independent Authors Book Expo our biggest event attracts a diverse population of authors from all over the United States.

5th Annual Independent Authors Book Expo
Warinanco Sports Center
1 Park Drive
Roselle, New Jersey 07203
11-5 PM
13 April 2018
Someone will DIE on this week's podcast, spoiler alert, it's not us:
Avengers Infinity War: Who Will DIE?

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. A movie that is 165 minutes long and has 60 characters... so, that means each character gets what, like less than 3 minutes of screen time each?! Aw man! That’s not enough! Especially because when it comes to the Avengers, we kinda feel like it’s never enough time at the end of the movie! Also, this might be the last time we see some of these guys- cause we all know that not everyone is going to make it to the end of this movie. Join us this week as we go character by character, speculating on who we think might make it to Avengers 4 ... and who won’t.

Length 37 minutes.
We'll be at Coventry Summer Con II this summer. We did this one two years ago and had a blast, we're so excited to do it again!

Coventry Summer Con II
Coventry Mall
351 W Schuylkill Rd
Pottstown, PA 19465
August 11th 10-7 PM
August 12th 11-6 PM
26 March 2018
This week's podcast is spicy AF:
SEX With Superheroes

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Admit it, you’ve thought about it! So have we and there is no shame here at Silly Talks! This week, we play an impromptu game where we ask the other person to describe their date night with some of our favorite, and least favorite, super-powered lovers. Would Deadites spoil a fun night with Ash Williams? How would you try to get aquatinted with Hela? Would a night with Thor be romantic or end in bloodshed? Does Jessica Jones even date? Find out what we think about having a night out with those characters and more on this week's episode.

Length 30 minutes.
12 March 2018
Stay in for this week's podcast:
Get Out Review

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Is it science fiction? Kinda. Is it horror? Yes, indeed. Is it a comedy? Oh, hell no! If you have been floating untethered in space for the last few months, you might not know that Jordan Peele, best known for his work on the brilliant sketch comedy show "Key and Peele," won a Best Original Screenplay Oscar for the super sinister, “Get Out.” It was well deserved. We loved all 100 minutes of watching creepy, rich, entitled jerks doing messed up stuff in their fancy countryside estate. We were so excited for Peele’s win as a first time nominee, we wanted to share with you our favorite moments and situations from this awesome psychological thriller. This podcast contains major spoilers, so we hope you’ve watched the movie before listening. If not, you should just GET OUT!

Length 28 minutes.
6 March 2018
This week's podcast is very red:
Our Favorite Gingers In Science Fiction and Fantasy

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. In honor of Ron Weasley's birthday and the upcoming holiday of St. Patrick's Day, we chose this week to celebrate one of our favorite groups of people: gingers! From characters in Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Marvel, Prison Dad, and Star Wars, gingers are very popular when it comes to science fiction and fantasy. But the question is, who's our favorite? We'll be presenting you with a veritable carrot patch of Gingers in Science fiction and Fantasy, so settle in and choose your own favorite red heads from the ones we feature!

Length 51 minutes.
26 Feb 2018
Three updates? Two cons? A podcast? Yeah, we've been busy:
Black Panther Review

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Wakanda Forever! This week, we'll share our review of the mega blockbuster, Black Panther. We'll talk about the language, clothing, cool tech, and the cast. But don’t worry, we’ll also get to the epic battles, tie-ins to the MCU, who we can’t wait to see more of, and what will go down in Wakanda when it comes time for Thanos's arrival on Earth. This is a total spoiler episode, you've been warned.

Length 30 minutes.
We'll be at Itz-A-Con again!

This con is so much fun, so many venders, so many costumes, and it's FREE!

South Mall - Allentown
3300 Lehigh Street
Allentown, PA 18103
March 17th-18th, 2018, 12-6 PM
For the first time ever we'll be at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con!

Get UR Geek On! I don't know what's better, the fact that we only have to drive 10 mintues or that Riker is going to be there.

Great Philadelphia Comic Con
The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
100 Station Avenue
Oaks, PA 19460
April 27th 3-8 PM
April 28th 10-7 PM
April 29th 10-5 PM
5 Feb 2018
Two updates for you love birds this week:
Romantic SciFi Locations

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. It's almost time for Valentines Day, so you know what that means? Time to watch "Warm Bodies" again, because it's the best zombie love story out there. But here on STAF, we're going to break down our favorite romantic locations in science fiction, horror, and fantasy. That field on Naboo didn't have any sand! The sharks don't swim on the beach on beautiful Amity Island! What's that naked planet called in Star Trek again? And then, there is that romantic cruise ship pool from Passengers (best thing about that movie) space! We hope to help you bring back that lovin’ feeling with your S.O. - or heck even yourself - by sharing our preferred spicy locations from some great films and TV shows! Also, feel free to write us and let us know about your favorite romantic science fiction spots!

Length 30 minutes.
We'll be at the Lehigh Valley Comic Con again!

The great thing about this con is that it takes place in the same part of Allentown as the Prison Books do.

Lehigh Valley Comic Con
Lehigh Valley Community College
4525 Education Park Drive
Schnecksville, PA 18078
February 10th, 2018, 10am-4pm
22 Jan 2018
This podcast has the biggest hands and the best words:
Our Take on President Trump Answering Sci-Fi Related Questions

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. This week, we take a silly look at what could happen if our commander and thief (seems a more appropriate title) held a press conference in which he had to answer questions from the press based on science fiction scenarios. How would Trump handle the Kaiju? What would his reaction be to the destruction of his precious Starkiller base? What would he say about attacks from the Blob or allegations that his family had been replaced by pod people? From initiating the hunger games in only the blue states to dealing with artificially intelligent robots, we'll ask all these questions and provide our humorous take on how 45 would respond. This podcast is loosely based on both a Saturday Night Live sketch in which Baldwin’s version of Trump deals with an alien invasion and the recent paid dare made to a reporter to ask Trump about his feeling on the situation in Wakanda. We suspect Trump would advise you to use the fortune you’ve made mining coal to take a vacation to Mar-A-Lago! But… since it's 2018, and coal isn't a thing anymore, you can stay home instead and let us amuse you!!

Length 30 minutes.
15 Jan 2018
What's going on this year?
2018 Sci-Fi and Horror Movie Preview

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Mutants In Spppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace! 2018 will bring us a lot of new exciting sequels and reboots to our favorite franchises! We will talk about the 3 new entries to the ever expanding X-Men franchise- Dark Phoenix, Deadpool, and New Mutants; and the As 3 entries to our beloved MCU: the awesome looking Black Panther, the new Ant Man movie... and oh yeah, just Infinity War, which doesn’t look like the COOLEST THING EVER or anything. We will also share our thoughts on The Predator reboot, the Han Solo spin off, and the new Maze Runner movie. 2018 isn't all revisiting worlds we already know, though, there are plenty of originals we'll talk about too - such as Ready Player One, Annihilation, and the creepy looking A Quiet Place. So get your popcorn and pretzel bites ready for a great year of entertainment... even without a new season of Game of Thrones... yeah, we know, we’re pissed too. Cheers to 2018 anyway!

Length 32 minutes.
9 Jan 2018
Happy new year! Like 10 days after new years...
Our Favorite Sci-Fi Stuff From 2017

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. While most people put out their lists at the end of 2017, we here at STAF want you to know that we didn't forget- and we found plenty to love... in entertainment anyway. Tune in to hear about ice dragons, orgy ship, porgs, mutants on TV, and the return of terrible sci-if storms: Squirrilcanes and Sharknado's! Join us for the first episode of season three and hear about a few of our favorite things from the year that was.

Length 50 minutes.
18 Dec 2017
Hopefully this week's podcast clears some things up:
Quit Your Kvetching! Our Take on the Biggest Gripes Against The Last Jedi!

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Have we been hacked by the Russians again? But this time, instead of swinging an election, they're moving on to another vulnerable target... Star Wars movies! Low ratings by entitled Internet users won't stop our science/evidence based arguments against the major complaints people are making about this diverse movie. We'll keep this description spoiler free, but was it really that gross that Luke was drinking **** straight from the ****?! C’mon people- it has to come from somewhere! We’ll talk logistics of space chases, missing persons, actions made or not made, and share our reactions regarding the fates of certain integral characters. We feel like a lot of this kvetching is because opinions are like Bantha bums- everyone has one and most of them stink! So, ignore the complaints (many of which are somehow grammatically worse than Trump tweets), and check out our podcast!

Length 30 minutes.
15 Dec 2017
This week's podcast isn't the last podcast:
Star Wars The Last Jedi Review and Breakdown

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. First 5 minutes spoiler free! We saw it, we loved it, we want to talk about all the things!

Length 40 minutes.
8 Dec 2017
This week's podcast gets an A+!
SciFi Fall TV Report Card 2017

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. BAM BAM BAM! Oh, sorry, you caught us doing our lazy reenactment of this season of the The Walking Dead. But, that might be the only sleepy TV show this fall. This week, with the help of our good friend, JL Gribble, we'll break down our favorite fall scifi shows- from masked heroes, space dwellers, and various apocalyptic shenanigans, our reviews are 100% spoiler free. So get a cozy blanket, a bucket of popcorn, and settle in to see what you've been missing. Also note, podcast included a positive review of the first half of Star Trek Discovery Season 1 from 2/3 reviewers. Side note- all of us are amped to watch more of the Orville.

Length 51 minutes.
30 Nov 2017
This week's podcast will get you stoned!
Avengers Infinity War Trailer Breakdown

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. We wanna rock! We mean we want some gems! We mean this trailer rocks... with Infinity Stones! This week, we're going to break down the three minute Avengers Infinity War trailer with some expert detail. Why did Vision look human? Who are those sinister people throwing spears and stealing stones? How awesome was Steve's beard? Yeah, I said Steve, he's clearly not Captain America here. Featuring Iron Spider, Hulkbuster, epic Lord of the Rings style battles, and hey, look- is that War Machine back in action and helping to battle the alien minions of Thanos?! Hell yeah- this trailer is amazing! We'll talk about our timeline theories, including our thoughts on how the Hulk ended up at Doctor Strange’s crib. We’ll also provide a refresher course on the whereabouts of the Infinity Stones and talk about where we are fairly certain the Soul Stone has been hiding. We are so beyond amped for this movie and hope you are too!

Length 41 minutes.
16 Nov 2017
Check out our 100th podcast! Thanks for all your support!
Science Fiction Marry, Bang, or Kill? Our 100th Podcast Celebration!

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. For our 100th Podcast, we’re inviting some friends to help us answer the question: who would you marry, bang, or kill in the world of science fiction? We will hear J.L. Gribble, author of the fascinating Steel Victory book series; Heather and Chris O'Neill, who run the creative and collaborative 9th Level Games; Aimee J, who hosts the inspiring Chasing Dreams Podcast (she actually interviewed us on her show before!); and Law Blank, an artist, videoographer, and musician who is always up to something intriguing! Tune in to find out about our friend’s exiting projects and to hear who they would marry, bang or kill from a list we will provide. Not, to worry, Jeff and Cristin will be playing the game too! Grab a glass of your favorite adult beverage and join us as we celebrate our first 100 episodes of Silly Talks About Science Fiction with some of the friends we have made along the way!

Length 60 minutes.
10 November 2017
This week's podcast brings the hammer down:
Our Review of Thor: Ragnarok

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Goldblum is so weird, we love him! This week, we review the 3rd installment into the MCU for the year 2017. At this rate, Marvel will put out a new move every month for the rest of our lives… and we're totally okay with that. This one sets itself apart from the other MCU movies by being delightfully ridiculous and silly. Naked and goofy Hulk? Overcompensating Thor? Evil Hela tossing her Dad’s trophies around and taunting her brothers! Drunken Valkyrie flirting with Banner! Double-crossing Loki putting on corny plays for Asgardians- starring Matt Damon! That last one shouldn't be a shocker- Matt Damon will do anything for a buck! I mean, he bought a Zoo! Join us in the arena, where Thor and Hulk battle it out and we fight to breathe through our laugher, in this week's episode.

Length 49 minutes.
Our new book is out too!
Can’t we just play board games without everything going to hell? Maybe? No. Speaking of things going to hell, there’s a lot of that in Prison Dad Volume 6. Remember the aliens that probed Jed? They’re back. That women who kidnapped Les to play “Titanic” with him?” Her too. The Lesiquin that freaked Sarah and Franny out? Right on. What about those evil squirrels with the red, beady, eyes that rained from the skies? You damn well better believe those jerks are back, and hungrier than ever!

Join the crew on ten out of this world adventures, ranging from an outbreak of a hillbilly zombie virus in their trailer park, to that time Sarah held a classy dinner party for the crew. Wait, is that all that happened? Nope, an inter-dimensional rift opens and the crew gets a glimpse of what Les is doing in a bunch of alternate realities. Spoiler alert, it’s hilarious. Oh, and make sure you watch out for Les’s maniacal little robot friend. All this and more is in store for you in Volume 6!


  1. Close Encounters of the Buttery Kind
    • Why is everyone in the Lehigh Valley, except Les, obsessed with carving male genitalia out of sticks of butter? It’s up to Les to stop the mass hysteria and return everyone’s sanity.
  2. Diseasesies
    • Shall we play a game? The crew sits down to play their favorite board game, but the actions they take in their turns have repercussions in the real world. Now, to stop a global pandemic they have to win the game, or die trying.
  3. Jedcatcher
    • Les and Jed make a new friend- he’s a crazy, rich, bachelor who has the same year, make, and model car as Jed does. Sarah’s company holds a memorable retreat while Franny is in danger of losing something very near and dear to him.
  4. Lesaquin 3: Double Identity
    • Leah and Rose, two women from Les’s past, converge over their lost love and find themselves choosing the same guy again, only this time, he’s the perfect man; a plastic man, a man who can not ever leave them. Meanwhile Franny teams up with Les to save the day, Sarah is the subject of a documentary, and Jed’s identity has been mistaken, again.
  5. Robot School
    • Les finally finds his destiny: robots! Going to school to do stuff with...robots! What could go wrong?
  6. 28 Teeth Later
    • Strange behavior breaks out in the Shady Pines Trail Park after a certain someone gets a tooth pulled. The infection changes white trash trailer park residents to full-on hillbillies in a matter of minutes. It’s down to Les and Sarah to save the the trailer park from certain southern fried doom.
  7. Because Getting a Cabin the First Time Was So Awesome
    • The crew seeks an escape in the mountains where Sarah makes a shocking discovery about the history of the cabin itself. A familiar face returns from the grave with a mission.
  8. The Squirrelicane II: The Revenge
    • They’re back! Nowhere is safe after a glitch with Sarah’s squirrel proof house sends the crew on the run from even more red beady eyed squirrels that rain from the skies. Get your weapons ready to repel the invasion!
  9. Jed Bixler’s Alien Visitor Center
    • Jed’s recurring night terrors about the visitors who abducted him have finally pushed him to his breaking point. He spends his time turning Shady Pines into Pennsylvania’s first alien visitor center.
  10. KAT
    • All Sarah wanted to do was hold a classy dinner party for her friends that wouldn’t be interrupted by an interdimensional rift. One by one, the whole crew- except for Les- leaves the house to investigate the phenomenon. They each end up exploring increasingly bizarre alternate realities. Will everyone make it back to their reality before the sun comes up?
4 Nov 2017
This week's podcast is totally righteous:
Stranger Things Season 2 Rules WTF

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. This week we’re talking about the totally tubular second season of Stranger Things! What? Some people think it was whack? Gag me with a spoon! We’ll debunk the four top online gripes about Stranger Things 2 and prove to you, once and for all, that those sucka MCs need to take a chill pill and that Stranger Things is all that and a bag of chips.

Length 47 minutes.
27 Oct 2017
This week's podcast is about BOOKS:
Our Favorite Stephen King Books

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. You've seen his mini series, you've seen his movies, don't you think it's time you picked up one of these, what the hell, this book is huge? I can barely lift it! This week we're once again reminding you that all things serve the beam and we're going to talk to you about our favorite Stephen King books. Not only will we say what's different from the adaptations, we'll give you our insider information on which ones are tied together in the great Stephen King universe.

Length 37 minutes.
20 Oct 2017
This week's podcast could stab ya:
Classic Horror Movie Franchise Icons

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. This week we'll dissect everyone's favorite stabby mcstabberson's- that’s right, icons of horror film franchises! We’ll talk about their best moments, which let's face it, are almost always in the first movie. Then, we will discuss to the lamest moments, like, when they sent these monsters to Manhattan... or space. What do we love about these horror movie icons? What makes them scary? What makes them sometimes downright silly? Get your popcorn and your best running shoes - just in case- and join us for our podcast celebrating horror movie’s biggest baddies!

Length 48 minutes.
15 Oct 2017
This podcast can make your tv kinda creepy:
Every Stephen King TV Series, Ever.

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. It's take a stand....and listen to this podcast where we discuss every single Stephen King story that showed up on the small screen only. In part two of our tribute to the 70 year old author, we'll talk about vampires, the original adaptation of our favorite evil clown, the one with the Walking Dude, some wicked kids who love corn fields and a train wreck involving a dome- covered Maine town. Things will get downright spooky as we recommend our favorites and warn you of some disasters. So c’mon down here and have some chicken with us, beautiful people! It’s so dark.

Length 46 minutes.
6 Oct 2017
This podcast is kinda creepy:
A Quick Review of Every Stephen King Movie, Ever.

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Jeezly crow! It's October, so, if you are anything like us, you want to watch some creepy movies! Very few do creepy as well as the author of The Shining, so in honor of Stephen King’s 70th Birthday last month (and because of how much we love his stories), we are going to talk about his extraordinary body of work in our weekly podcasts for October. This week, we will focus on every movie based on a Stephen King story to ever hit the big screen. We'll give you a quick synopsis and a speedy review (thumbs up or down) as to whether we recommend it. You are sure to want to revisit some old favorites or check out something you might have missed, as we run through this impressive list.

Length 61 minutes.
22 Sept 2017
Fall is here, hooray!:
2017 Fall TV Science Fiction Shows

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Fall is here, so that means new stories about: Outer space! Sinister Clowns! Ghosts! Zombies! Superheroes! And... some kind blue unicorn thing?! This fall TV lineup is packed, so let us clue you in on what to watch! From new shows to returning favorites, this week we'll cover all the fall sci-fi TV shows. So get your pumpkin spiced whatever, take a break from carving jack o' lanterns of your favorite American Horror Story characters, and get ready for some awesome entertainment!

Length 55 minutes.
don't forget this con:
9 Sept 2017
This week's podcast isn't clowning around:
It Movie Review

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Clowns? Why is it always clowns? Well, at least it is in our nightmares. This week we’ll review “IT”- the latest Stephen King adaptation to hit the big screen. What made up jump (and, in one case, yelp)? What surprised us? Who from the cast impressed us most? And how does this film compare to the 1990 TV adaptation? Finally, we will share our thoughts on our dream cast for the sequel. First ten minutes are spoiler free. Beep, beep, Richie!

Length 49 minutes.
8 Sept 2017
This podcast won't be a total bummer:
Why Does It Suck To Go To The Movies?

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Does it suck going to the movies? Or do the movies just suck? This summer had terrible box office numbers and the worst attendance in 25 years! But why? Was it the robots that turn into cars for the 5th time? Johnny Depp as a pirate AGAIN? Spider Man rebooted for the 3rd time? Or is it that more interesting movies just don't get enough advertising? Or maybe that bad early reviews kept people from taking a chance on a film? Or are people just finding it easier (and cheaper) to stay home on the sofa and watch movies on HBO/Netflix/Hulu/onDemand/etc.? This week, we take a look at movies that came out from June to August of this year and talk about why going to the movies was a total bummer this summer.

Length 32 minutes.
30 August 2017
You won't have to wait two years for our next podcast:
Game of Thrones Season 8 Thoughts

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. We know that you watched it all and not because we are the three eyed raven, but because you have clicked on this podcast. So going into this, we assume that you have seen the season seven finale- which was FREAK'N AWESOME! There are blue flame breathing spoilers ahead. This week, we're going to take a look at all the characters that we saw in the finale, in the order that we saw them in that episode. We will talk about where they ended up and speculate on where they might find themselves when Game of Thrones starts up again in...wait, is this right?! 2019?! Son of a dead Targaryen- that’s just not fair! The lone wolf dies while the pack survives, so hold your beloveds close, ew not that close, cause Winter has arrived!

Length 32 minutes.
25 August 2017
This weeks podcast is all about jerks:
Nazi's Are Jerks!

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. You know how Nazis are always the bad guys? This is common knowledge, right? This week, we're going to talk about examples of jerk Nazi characters as portrayed in several science fiction and fantasy films. Zombie Nazis? Yup. Space Nazis? Check. From Red Skull to Nazi Joe, we got it all covered in this week's episode. And please leave your tiki torch at home by your barbecue grill, where it belongs.

Length 38 minutes.
18 August 2017
Grab a hoodie for this week's podcast:
2017 Fall Science Fiction Movie Extravaganza

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. In a world inhabited by the last Lego killer clowns from Asgard... Nope! That's not really a movie, but this week, we cover 20 Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy movies that actually are coming to a theater near you this fall. Is Jennifer Lawrence playing a crazy lady? Probably! Will "It" be creepy? We think so! Will "Happy Death Day" be silly? All signs point to yes! We'll go over the majors- Star Wars, Thor, and The Justice League- but we hope to introduce you to a few other gems that you might have overlooked. So grab your pumpkin spice everything, snuggle up in a fuzzy blanket, and get amped for Fall films with us!

Length 45 minutes.
7 August 2017
Two updates for you gunslingers this week:
The Dark Tower Review

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Hail, Gunslinger! Behold, the dark tower that protects our world! Did you see it? Well, we did and we can't wait to palaver about it! This extremely loose adaptation of Stephen King's epic series finally became a film- but only got 90 minutes of screen time. Join us on our quest to discover easter eggs to classic King tales, uncover references that cross all of the gunslinger books, and look into the future to see what the filmmakers are planning next. The first ten minutes of this review are guaranteed spoiler free.

Length 38 minutes.
We'll be at the Lehigh Valley Comic Con!

The great thing about this con is that it takes place in the same part of Allentown as the Prison Books.

Lehigh Valley Comic Con
Lehigh Valley Community COllege
4525 Education Park Drive
Schnecksville, PA 18078
October 7, 10am-4pm
4 August 2017
This weeks podcast is falling from the sky:
Sharknado 1-4 Recap

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Who the heck ever thought that there would be five Sharknado movies? People at SyFy who are freak'n awesome, that's who! From LA, New York, DC, and Orlando to Outer Space, let's recap these fabulously awesome/awful B-movies. We'll discuss each one, share some trivia, our opinions, run through some cameo highlights, and walk through some of the many references they made to classic movies. Also, we sing a song about sharks in space! The characters might say that they really hate sharks, but we can’t get enough of ‘em!

Length 40 minutes.
28 July 2017
This weeks podcast is packed with three times the reviewing power:
Life - The Void - A Cure For Wellness Reviews

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Though it may sound like one long title for a crazy movie or metal concept album, sadly it's neither of these things. This week, we're offering reviews of these three random horror movies that we recently watched, because whatever, we do what we want. “Life” is a space horror film, set in a very roomy version of the International Space Station, where you can scream all you want, but no one will hear you. “The Void” is set in a creepy abandoned hospital and totally exceeded our expectations. Finally, we review the “The Cure for Wellness” which is also set in a secluded, lonely place- but this time, it’s a spa for richers. If you wondered why no one you know saw this movie, we are happy to tell you several reasons why it’s good that they didn’t waste their money that way. We stay spoiler free for the movies that we think are worth your time.

Length 34 minutes.
21 July 2017
Listen to this new podcast before planning your summer get away:
Horrible Science Fiction Vacation Destinations

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. It's Summer, people! That means packing the kids up in the car and traveling to a galaxy far, far away- or maybe just your grandparents house to do the same lame stuff you did last year. But, going to grandma's isn't nearly as bad as getting sucked into the Sarlacc Pic, visiting a shark infested beach, or hell, renting that shadowy Cabin In The Woods! Join us this week, as we highlight 16 terrible places from Science Fiction films and TV Shows that you won’t want your kid to write about visiting in their September back to school essay!

Length 48 minutes.
10 July 2017
Two updates this week:
Prime Day Is Dumb Contest 2017
Remember folks, tomorrow is Prime Day! The day where Amazon decides to make some shelf space in their warehouses by attempting to give you, the consumer, some “great” deals on worthless garbage. Like last year, we're giving out ONE FREE SIGNED PRISON DAD BOOK to the person who can find the worst Prime Day 2017 deal. Rules are as follows, you must (1) like our page on Facebook; and (2) post a link to the product on our page (so we can verify that it's not photoshopped). We will be accepting submissions as long as Prime Day is going on, bonus points if the items are related to our books at all (Squirrels, UFOs, Sasquatch, booze, etc). Thanks and we’ll let you know who won within two days of the close of Prime Day! There is no purchase necessary to enter or win, this is not a game of chance.
Spider-Man Homecoming Review

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. Remember when MCU movies were almost as rare as the gems in the Infinity Gauntlet? Like, when there was maybe one addition a year? Now, it seems like every time we sneeze there's a new one. And, yes, the last time Jeff sneezed was in May when "Guardians" came out. In this episode of Silly Talks, we're reviewing the new Spider Man movie- but watch out because this review is loaded with SPOILERS! What did you miss? What references did we see to other movies? Who showed up for fun cameos? We don't want to say to much in the description here, but our Spider Senses were tingling after this one and we may even be hearing wedding bells for two beloved characters in the near future. That’s right, it’s Spidey and Deadpool! Gotcha! Get ready for a fun adventure and be sure to let us know if you agree with our review on Facebook or

Length 37 minutes.
7 July 2017
We're back...with a twist!
M Night Shyamalan Needs To Stop

Click Here to listen to our newest podcast. I have a secret, I see a lot of bad movies. Everyone knows his name, few can pronounce it. The famed director of “The Sixth Sense” appears every couple of months and releases another gimmicky SciFi/Horror movie into world. As they have been more laughable or obnoxiously awful than good entertainment, how is he still able to make new films? Join us this week as we break down all his major movies: all of the twists, the plots, and the filmmaker’s HUGE ego! Spoiler alert! We will ruin all of the endings, so if you haven’t seen any of his films and still want to (why, for the love of God, why?!), you may want to skip this one.

Length 40 minutes.